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Branding 101 – Custom Printed Logo Design – Package Branding

What is Branding?

If a brand results from a set of associations and perceptions in people’s minds, then branding is an attempt to harness, generate, influence and control these associations to help the business perform better. Any organization can benefit enormously by creating a brand that presents the company as distinctive, trusted, exciting, reliable or whichever attributes are appropriate to that business.

While absolute control over a brand is not possible due to outside influences, intelligent use of design, advertising, marketing, service proposition, corporate culture and so on can all really help to generate associations in people’s minds that will benefit the organization. In different industry sectors the audiences, competitors, delivery and service aspects of branding may differ, but the basic principle of being clear about what you stand for always applies.

The power of branding: a practical guide

  • Companies and products need names or symbols by which customers can identify them quickly and easily
  • Branding adds value to your company or product in the customer’s mind through a combination of the name, image, colors, logo, and packaging
  • To be most effective, a brand must be consistent and constantly reinforced whenever you communicate with customers
  • Benefits include differentiating you from your competitors, developing a closer relationship with customers, charging a higher price, and a platform on which to introduce new products
  • Successful branding requires a long term commitment and investment, but creates an asset with sustainable value


Custom Printed Food Packaging Supplies & Services

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