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 Sports Teams & Sponsors

One of the most important aspects of running a successful sports team is a strong sponsorship base of local businesses and suppliers. This relationship is mutually beneficial, sponsors offer monetary support in exchange for the opportunity to associate themselves with your team and advertise directly to your captive fans. What kind of sponsorship opportunities do you currently offer? If you are like most, you are thinking – stadium signage, program advertisements, pocket schedules, ticket backs and promotional giveaways among others. What about at the concession stand? Imagine presenting a sponsor with a package that allows them to advertise on the wrapper of every burger or hot dog sold at your stadium. With our industry exclusive low order minimums, Gator Paper can help you do just that and more!

Successful sponsorship packages are those that offer sponsors the most “bang for their buck”. Branded concession supplies offer sponsors a unique opportunity to gain the most “Impressions” possible by EXTENDING THEIR BRAND INTO THE STANDS. The impact of branded concession supplies far outweighs the impact of an outfield stadium wall sign, PA announcement or program advertisement. Imagine the premium your team could charge for this unique sponsorship opportunity. With Gator Paper you can print not only your team logo, but also include sponsor(s) logos, contact information and messages on all our custom printed concession products!

Gain additional sponsorship revenue by replacing unprinted food service products with Gator Paper’s custom printed food service products at your concession stand!


Pros and Cons for Using Gator Paper

  • Unique sponsorship and branding opportunity
  • New sponsorship oppurtunity can incorporate concession product costs and additional revenue for the team
  • Concession product costs eliminated from operating budget
  • Low minimums
  • Quick order and reorder time
  • Use of top quality custom printed food service products





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