Custom Printed Fry Paper (sheets & rolls)

food service sheets fry paperIf you’re wondering where to buy Fry Paper, you’ve come to the right place. Does your business need a coated greaseproof paper that can stand the test of time of grease leakage? Gator Paper offers a hi-quality dependable custom printed greaseproof paper that is second to none. Fried foods can present a severe challenge for any restaurant owner looking to keep flavor in and decrease the not so appealing visual of grease seeping through the custom paper. Gator Paper’s printed grease proof paper offers the perfect way to enhance your food service presentation while tackling this very problem. Our line of Fry Paper has tremendous wet strength, and won’t break apart when wet, plus extremely greaseproof.

Our printed Fry Paper is prefect for fish & chip baskets, as nacho tray liners or even fry cones. Cementing your brand name to your customer base on every order has never been so easy or affordable! Not only do we offer Fry Paper, but we have French fry containers available known as Fry Scoop Cups. These are a more sturdy fry container to hold all of your fried food.

  • Great wet strength!
  • Printed Grease Proof Paper
  • Perfect for fry cones, fish & chip baskets, nacho tray liners and more!
  • Available in opaque white and kraft brown
  • How to make/fold a paper Fry Cup
  • You may also be interested in our Fry Scoop Cups


Custom printed Fry Paper is a unique way to brand your delicious fried food creations!

food service sheets fry paper

Am I restricted to a small list of standard greaseproof Fry Paper sheet sizes?

No! While we do offer a list of standard Fry Paper sheet sizes to help keep your overall project costs down, we can also custom cut your sheet size to any desired width and length needed to fit your application.

Can I get two colors for the price of one?

If you have more than one shade of a specific PMS color in your logo, then YES! We have the ability to add 1 or 2 screens to your print if the color in your logo allows for it. We offer 4 color process depending on the sheet. Our talented design team will provide all the help necessary to solve any artwork challenge.

What kind of artwork is required?

All artwork submitted to Gator Paper must be a Vector art file. Adobe Illustrator, .EPS and high resolution PDF files are preferred. If the line artwork is simple enough, sometimes a JPEG file will work. Bitmap images are not good enough quality for proof or plate making, and are not accepted.

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Available in white, brown Kraft paper and several solid colors.

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