There has been a lot of buzz over PFAS chemicals lately, and we often get the question, what are they?

PFAS (per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are chemicals that get used for grease and water proofing qualities. Many common consumer items like non-stick cookware, food packaging, outdoor apparel, cosmetics and popcorn bags contain PFAS chemicals. A lot of grease resistant liners & wraps, molded fiber clamshells and paper bags on the market today contain PFAS.

Commonly referred to as “forever chemicals”, PFAS bioaccumulate in humans and animals, meaning they never go away. The chemicals also don’t break down in the environment which has created water contamination problems. All major composters in the United States banned packaging containing PFAS from their facilities in 2021, and many states have banned PFAS in food packaging since then. 3M recently settled a PFAS water contamination lawsuit for $10.3 billions dollars, so action is being taken to clean up.

All of Gator Paper’s grease resistant grades are PFAS free. Contact us for more information!