The Strength of Your Brand in 2014

Branding 101 ( January 2014)

branding success in 2014
The New Year is a special thing. It settles on us in a flurry of celebration and contemplation causing us to pause and reflect on things past and things to come. As a forward-thinking business leader, you’re probably accustomed to the practice of reflection. Success demands that we constantly monitor, analyze and improve. We must ask questions like, “What’s working? What’s not working? How can we do this even better?”

It makes sense to ask these types of focused questions right now – here at the top of a fresh, new year. The strength of your company’s brand in 2014 will hinge on the planning and decisions you develop in these first few foundational months.

We’d like to provide a couple questions to help focus your thoughts and sharpen your brand outlook over the next 12 months. We’re all rooting for you here at Gator Paper – that this will be your company’s finest year yet!

#1  How would your customers describe your brand in 2013?

If you have a firm grasp on the answer to this question, awesome! It means you’ve been listening to your audience and listening is critical to brand success. We can “listen” in all sorts of ways: through attentive customer service, methodical feedback programs and social media – just to name a few. Whatever means (or combination of means) work best for you, keep it up. Knowing your audience will help you develop the kind of relationships that cultivate long-term brand loyalty.

If you’re unsure of the answer to this question, it might be time to initiate a few intentional research efforts to understand customer perception. You will be most successful at shaping your brand when you understand where you stand with those you are attempting to influence.

Ultimately, you want to know: 1) How does my audience perceive my brand and 2) Is that perception in keeping with my business goals?

#2  How do you want your customers to describe your brand in 2014?

Can you articulate your brand’s attributes (also known as “core values”)? Your brand’s attributes are a set of characteristics that capture the essence of your company’s identity. Essentially, it is the “personality” your audience sees and feels and associates with your company’s persona.

You don’t want to leave your business identity to chance. You want to be proactive with shaping your image to fit the goals, culture and vision of your company. Everyone on your team should support the consistent projection of your brand attributes. But it starts with your vision: What do you want to say about who your company is?

2014 Resolution

As you enter the new year, take time to consider your brand attributes and how you will integrate them into your customer interactions. Maximize every opportunity to say: This is who we are and this is how we are uniquely relevant to you.


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